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Our Beginnings 

 It all started in our home.  I remember coming home from school and having to go straight to work making patties on our kitchen table.  

 We have, now, been at this for over 30 years and Jamaican Style Patties is all we have ever known.  We strive to keep our quality and taste at it's best so that you can enjoy every bite.  Whether you have been to the islands or are looking forward to going, getting the real taste of a Jamaican patty starts with us or keeps you remembering what it was like.  Grab a box for yourself!

We are a family owned and operated business meaning that every patty and every customer is important to us.  

Our Bakery

In 1986, we opened our doors in a small warehouse and over a span of 25 years grew to take up 7 bays.  It just got to the point where we just couldn't fit anymore.  So we moved North and settled down in the Sunrise city, beautiful Fort Pierce, Florida. 

  In 2014, we were recognized by the South Florida Manufacturing Association and were given the prestigious honor of becoming the 2014 MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR.  Wow!  What an achievement.  We love our history and always look back on our humble beginnings.  That's what keeps us grounded.  This did not come without very hard work and a few growing pains. 

 We are proud to have grown into a larger factory and it doesn't seem like we will be stopping here...  


Next Steps

Don't Worry .. We'll Make More ..

One man's vision has grown and continues to grow.  Not without determination, desire and passion for the taste and experience you get from the first bite have we managed to span 3 decades.  We plan to continue building on the great products and service that has gotten us where we are now.  This is a family-owned business with a great, hand picked team of like minded employees.  "We are proud of where we have come and so excited to see what awaits us."

~Dennis Chung

Founder, CEO

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